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The Meaning & Misunderstanding of HOSTEL
The Meaning & Misunderstanding of HOSTEL

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#Meaning #amp #Misunderstanding #HOSTEL.

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The Meaning & Misunderstanding of HOSTEL.

at night hostel.

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40 thoughts on “The Meaning & Misunderstanding of HOSTEL | เนื้อหาที่เกี่ยวข้องat night hostelที่มีรายละเอียดมากที่สุดทั้งหมด

  1. Mintylight says:

    Lol, sry but yeah, those countries ARE scary to visit. All poor countries are. Of course they have some beautiful scenery and wonderful people too, like all countries do, if you know where to look for it. But poverty naturally generates alot of crime and dystopia. Don't see why anyone would try to debate it. Even if the crimes seen in Hostel is generated by outsiders, the country still provides the grounds for it to play out, and I don't find that unrealistic at all.

  2. Jeop says:

    Yeah that american kid that got imprisoned in North Korea. Sad crap man I played soccer with him when I was like 5 years old. Really depressing when I found out what had happened.

  3. Nikolai Paunov says:

    In 2005 America and the west were considered "cool" and Slovakia was "vampires"…but almost 2 decades later eastern europe is among the few low-crime places in the world, hilarious when you're a b!tch like Elai Rot or whatever.

  4. Dylan Kennedy says:

    Have always considered Hostel to be a fun and bloody ‘conspiracy/mystery’ type of movie. It’s ‘The Most Dangerous Game’ for the WalMart era.

    The whole Elite Hunters Club idea is really interesting and makes for a good plot. Especially when paired with the sort of ‘Euro Trip’ first act.

  5. Ryan Reed says:

    Did you say the second film has a brilliant ending? I hate that ending it make no sense, no one would ever take that deal. Because her killing the guys that was trying to kill her isn’t a crime it’s self defense so with that tattoo or not she can and will still go to the police… F**K I HATE THAT ENDING!!!

  6. Brandon Jones says:

    The fact this shit actually does exist in several foreign countries. There are human trafficking circles out there that kidnap victims, take them to an unknown location, tie them up and have very wealthy and rich people pay just to torture and murder them in ways you would think the human soul couldn’t come up with. It’s a very scary and a very evil world we live in.

  7. Joseph Balaich says:

    Eli Roth is like George Lucas, they are not the best at writing dialogue, but they have vision and passion in storytelling that invites you to be more self aware of the corruption in humanity hidden in plain sight.

  8. Fuckwad says:

    Honestly it’s crazy to think how many people would actually participate in an underground torture society, if stripped of consequences. A wealthy person has so much to lose from committing such a life-changing crime, but imagine if they had a way to kill innocent people without being directly involved in their capture. I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if such a thing exists

  9. Levi Shelley says:

    I haven't seen hostel in years and can't remember any real nasty spots… but I do know I'll be careful if I ever go backpacking in Europe because of this movie. It did a great job I think.

  10. B R says:

    I saw Roth's work much differently after hearing Keanu Reeves talk about his role in Roth's Knock Knock — he says he viewed his character as the film's antagonist. And I was like holy shit, that recontextualizes Hostel, Green Inferno, Knock Knock etc. All films about either American or male arrogance.

  11. Rodrigo Maçaneiro says:

    The two first Hostel movies for me are great movies, mesleading by the tradicional media everywhere it are mentioned, I love the social comment on point of this two pieces, the best work so far of Mr. Roth.

  12. Bernie Lomax says:

    The film is a horror masterpiece. I got to meet Eli Roth once and told him what a huge fan I am, and how I love the way Petr Janis (the German Surgeon) takes off his mask and seems to be having some kind of orgasm or climax because he is so excited. That part always disturbed me. Hostel is a masterpiece.

  13. WildKamots says:

    The gore was great, but I'm never a fan when horror is like overly slutty. Even more if it is just there to be there. I also go out of my way when traveling out of the USA, to not be that kind of tourist.

  14. Jae KiDd TV 508Hood News says:

    The one place we have to give him credit for is cabin fever that movie was phenomenal scary as all hell I was freaked out After watching that movie as a teenager!

  15. Katie Cafaro says:

    I travel and the amount of people who tell me not to stay in hostels because of this movie is unreal – I think the general public thinks its a documentary

  16. cheeriokoroke says:

    I really thought the through line for the first film was the idea of people thinking that if you throw money around, you can treat people like shit. The way the main characters acted toward the people who lived there because of their lack of empathy for others was highlighted by the more severe example of the rich using them for torture because they lack human empathy. The brothel scene pretty much made it explicit with a line about paying to do what you want to someone, iirc. Not sure how the takeaway for most people was "Europe is scary" instead of "treat people empathetically"

  17. MrUppertorso says:

    Like many people, I can't handle unapologetic torture. Implied is already pretty rough, but anything full frontal drops my stomach like G force. That being said, I adore Cabin Fever and still think his Thanksgiving fake trailer is a top tier gem. He's definitely a talented dude, and one of those talents is metaphorically skinning his audience.










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